B2B Integration

To operate in today's highly distributed supply chain, real-time connectivity to your business partners is vital. Manufacturers, freight forwarders, customs brokers, 3PL's, carriers and even end customers expect to have full visibility across the supply chain. Successful integration benefits include reduced data entry costs, limiting costly data entry errors, improved client experience, customer retention and operational efficiencies


Mapping, or transformation, is the act of adapting one file format to another. Our mapping service ensures the myriad of systems used by your clients, suppliers, agents or even other departments within your business talk the same language and exchange data successfully This service is designed for those business who have the internal technical experience to manage the transmission of files (FTP, Webservice, email, etc) but not the development experience to create these mappings.

Hosting Services

Disparate systems have different requirements. In some instances, the format of the file may not be the issue, but rather the way your file is transmitted or received. Our hosting platform provides a platform to receive files and transmit them in various methods including FTP, SFTP, Webservices, Email, etc.