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Logistics Software Integration
Integration - "combine (one thing) with another to form a whole"

The world's Logistics Industry truly is a global industry. Freight Forwarders, agents, customs brokers, truckers & third party logistics providers are no longer just a supplier of a service, but have become an extension of the client's own supply chain. And naturally, visibility at any stage of the movement of freight is expected.

EDI Integration projects used to be the domain of the larger organizations who had IT infrastructure to provide this level of connection to their systems, but "the cloud" has levelled the playing field for organizations of all sizes to make use of technology to extend their reach not only with their customers but any internal or external system.

We believe integration doesn't need to be a pain, and working with Microsoft's cloud based software solutions we've set out to share our experience and expertise to simplify integration and provide solutions to all areas of the Logistics Industry.

Business to Business Integration solutions - Connecting to your clients, suppliers and other trading partners.

Internal EDI

Not all integration is considered B2B. Our cloud based solutions are designed to assist you to integrate your disparate internal systems.

Managed Services

We make use of Microsoft's leading cloud technologies to provide managed hosting solutions.

WiseService Partner

Cloudster Connect Pty Ltd is a certified WiseService Partner of WiseTech Global Products and Services. WiseTech Global is a multinational technology development company dedicated to delivering innovative, market-specific solutions to the logistics industry.
WiseTech Global'skey brands include CargoWise One, a global leader in logistics technology solutions; TransLogix, a leading supplier of transport and logistics technology solutions for Australia and New Zealand.